Scientific Research Institute of Fur Farming and Rabbit Breeding Industries Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NIIPZK RAAS)

Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Scientific Research Institute of Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit Breeding Industries n.a. V.A. Afanasyev” (FSBSI NIIPZK) was founded in May 1932 as the Scientific Research Institute of Rabbit and Fur-Bearing Animal Breeding.

FSBSI Scientific Research Institute of Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit Breeding Industries n.a. V.A. Afanasyev is the leading scientific coordination centre in the area of caged fur-bearing animal and rabbit breeding. Scientific research is carried out using 7 varieties of caged fur-bearing animals and rabbits.

Research is carried out by institute staff in three leading areas: zootechnics, biotechnology and veterinary protection.

The institute has a functioning Dissertation Council for Academic Degrees for both Candidates (PhD) and Doctors of Science. The postgraduate school acts as a source of scientific staff for the Institute.

The Institute is a base for a Russian Ministry of Agriculture– licenced Information Support Centre for Fur Farming and Rabbit Breeding, which carries out monitoring and material assimilation work of the qualitative and quantitative composition of fur-bearing animal and rabbit stock in the country.

In 2011 a Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) Technical Committee on Fur-Bearing Animal Breeding was created at the Institute for preparation of field and international standards.

In June 2012 the Institute founded an industry journal “Rabbit and Fur-Bearing Animal Breeding”, which is a peer-reviewed journal of the Higher Attestation Commission.

FSBSI NIIPZK is a nucleus breeding centre of the breeds Soviet Chinchilla (license no.502719245008 from 06.03.2013) and White Giant (license no.502719245002 from 06.03.2013). The Institute has a Quality Certificate for refrigerated rabbit meat no. 0879655 from 02.08.2013.

The Institute cultivated and prepares agricultural crops with the purpose of optimizing feeding technologies for rabbits and fur-bearing animals.